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Are these classes for those in the grades or entering those grades?

The classes are set up for those ENTERING the grade levels listed. This said, if you believe your child would be best suited for a different class, then reaching out to the director would initiate a conversation and help make sure your child's needs are met. Email 


What will my child need for these classes?

Please make sure they are sent every day with plenty of snacks, a lunch, and lots of water. They should be wearing clothes and shoes that they can dance in. 

Is my child guaranteed a role? 

Yes! Signing up for this class ensures that they will be in the show. That said, some students will get cast in ensemble roles, as not everyone can play a lead. We make sure that those in the ensemble have lots to do and find their moments to shine!

Why the overlap in grades?

We noticed that we are in a bit of a transition period this year, with many students moving up. We wanted to offer the opportunity to choose which age range would feel most comfortable. For some, one more session with their typical peer group may feel best. For others, the summer is a great time to meet peers whom they may be with during the fall/winter. 


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