Why are the classes split into two age levels for Center Stage? 

In years prior, we have had upward of 60 children from 4th- 12th grade averaging a total of 30 children per class. In order to safely have this amount of students in our course, and to tailor our sessions more appropriately to our age levels, we have created two separate sessions of center stage!


What will my child need for these classes?

Please make sure they are sent every day with plenty of snacks, a lunch, and lots of water. They should be wearing clothes and shoes that they can dance in. 

What will COVID policies look like?

Things are changing so quickly, and we cannot be sure what policies will be in place. As we get closer to the summer, we will email every family that has signed up with official details! 

What if my student is ENTERING the fourth grade

For those entering the fourth grade, your student is welcome to join our grades 4-8 two-week intensive. That being said, that two-week intensive consists of full days of theater and more intensity than our K-3 class. If you believe your young star would be more content in that one-week session with a shorter time frame, feel free to sign them up for that!

What if my student is ENTERING eight or ninth grade

You may notice that our 8th graders (those entering or leaving) have a choice of two courses. Ultimately, as the classes increase in age, the responsibilities increase and the material may get more difficult. Please know that there is no wrong answer, and our staff will have plenty of time with your students, so no one is left to fall through the cracks!


If your 8th-grader is hoping to play a principal role and have more responsibility in a class of students younger than them, then staying in our 4-8th grade range would be best. This show will be shorter in length, allowing for more time overall to work on the performance. Your child may also choose this class if they have friends in this age group.


If your 8th-grader is looking to be alongside more advanced students and accepts the challenge of a full-length production in a short amount of time, then entering our 8-12th grade range would be best. In full disclosure, this may involve taking on an ensemble role, which will still be incredibly involved. This is a great opportunity to try out these sessions for those hoping to be in this age range come the fall. 

Please talk to your student prior to making this decision to ensure that they understand what they are signing up for!