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Our Mission

Acting Out! Theater Company has brought theater to the Merrimack Valley for the past 20 years! Linda began Acting Out! in 2002 in hopes of creating a non-competitive or intimidating theater experience. We have continued and expanded our mission to provide opportunities for people of all ages, ability statuses, skill levels, and backgrounds to become involved in theater as performers, crew members, administrative assistants, or even as the audience! We serve our community by providing theater programs and performances within our own facility, instruction and direction within local schools, and workshops held at other non-profits. We strive to make theater an inclusive and fun experience for anyone who wishes to join, making no distinctions between paying and scholarship participants. Acting Out's goal is to expand the Merrimack Valley's cultural scene while rewarding local talent, young and old, with the opportunity to be part of the theater experience.

We are beyond grateful for all those who support us as we continue to grow and expand. Our hope is to share our belief that theater not only entertains but encourages creativity and personal growth, making your and our lives richer.


Remember, Acting Out! is what it's all about!

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