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Southern Comfort: A New Musical
Book by Dan Collins

Music Written by Julianne Wick Davis

Ages 18 +
Round 1!: Monday, March 6th from 6:30 pm - 9 pm
Round 2!: Thursday, March 9th from 6:30 pm - 9 pm

Please prepare 16 bars of a song, preferably in the style of the show (a folk/bluegrass feel,) and provide sheet music. The Storytellers in particular sing a great deal in tight three-part harmony! There will also be cold readings from the script. 

SHOW Dates: June 1st - 4th
Rehearsals: Mondays & Thursdays 6:30-9:00

Directed by Jessi Collard 
Music Direction by Peg DiGrazia 
Assistant Director Cory Alan

Stage Manager Brinn Kingsley-Marquez 


second audition added!!!

Based on the 2001 Sundance Film Festival documentary, Southern Comfort follows the last year of Robert Eads, a transgender man from Toccoa, Georgia battling ovarian cancer. Set in 1998, this is a story about family and hope, heartbreak and acceptance. Robert is joined by his chosen family for monthly potluck dinners. Guided by the storytellers, these transgender characters face the trials and tribulations of the world around them, exploring how we handle the things that happen to us and how the people closest to us help keep us moving forward.



Honoring the show’s themes of family and friendship, casting will not necessarily be bound by gender identity; our focus and goal is to promote the true life and feeling of the characters.:


Robert: Transgender man; a wiry, electric man in his fifties. If there is a patriarch of the family, he is it. He can appear to be a wide-eyed child and a wise old prophet all at once. 


Lola: Transgender woman; a city woman in her mid-forties, somewhat uncomfortable in her own skin. She is still relatively in the closet in her professional life. She has been dating Robert for a while now, but has yet to meet his found family.


Jackson: Transgender man; Jackson could be considered Robert’s adopted child in a different world. Jackson is a mischievous character full of passion and warmth; however, he struggles with a deep resentment of the world around him. Late thirties, early forties.


Carly: Transgender woman; raised a Catholic school kid, Carly is a tough, proud, feminine spirit. She exudes confidence. Carly is Jackson's girlfriend and has yet to really ingratiate herself with Jackson's friends. Late twenties, early thirties.


Sam: Transgender man; along with his wife Melanie has the most heart of all the characters in the show. A mechanic and builder by trade, he is gentle, sympathetic, and almost larger than Life. Late 30s early 40s.


Melanie: Cisgender woman; Sam's wife, she's funny and almost enigmatic. She's fairly guarded with the outside world and protective of her husband. She doesn’t feel the same resentment that Jackson holds - she's simply aware. Forties.


Storytellers: a troupe of spirited individuals who create the world of the show, playing different people who interact with the main characters and help guide the story. 

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