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Directed By Dave Cook


Sunday, February 13th, 3:00pm OR Tuesday, February 15th, 7:00pm
Monologues encouraged by not required, sides for readings provided

Show dates: June 3th-5th 
Rehearsals starting mid-March, dates to be determined



12 Males & 4 Females. Ethnically diverse cast desired. Flexible age ranges for all characters.

  •   RANDLE P. MCMURPHY – (M, Patient ‐ 20’s to 40’s) A gambler, a con man, and a backroom brawler. Has a devilish grin and has a wide open extroverted air which is in harsh contrast to the environment of the ward. Will have kissing scenes and a choreographed fight scene. Wears just a towel in another scene. Uses foul language.

  •  NURSE RATCHED – (F, Staff ‐ 30’s to 50’s) The head of the hospital ward. She masks her humanity and femininity behind a stiff, patronizing façade. She weakens her patients through a psychologically manipulative program designed to destroy their self‐esteem. Ratched’s emasculating, mechanical ways slowly drain all traces of humanity from her patients. Will have a choreographed fight scene.

  • CHIEF BROMDEN – (M, Patient ‐ 20’s to 50’s) The huge, bull‐muscled, half‐breed son of an Indian Chief. He has been in the hospital for more than ten years, longer than any other patient in the ward. Bromden sees modern society as a huge, oppressive conglomeration that he calls the Combine, and the hospital as a place meant to fix people who do not conform.

  • AIDE WARREN and AIDE WILLIAMS – (M, Staff ‐ 20’s to 40’s) The Day Time Aides. Cruel and demeaning, they are Nurse Rached’s stooges. (Fight scenes, both use foul language)

  • NURSE FLINN – (F, Staff ‐ 20’s To 60’s) A vapid woman with apprehensive eyes. The wears a gold cross at her throat, a sign of her strict Catholic upbringing. She is fearful of the patients’ sexuality. She is fearful in general.

  • DALE HARDING – (M, Patient ‐ 40 plus) College‐educated with a sharp mind and tongue. He is President of the Patients’ Council. Although he is married he is effeminate and questions he’s own masculinity .

  • BILLY BIBBIT – (M, Patient ‐ 20’s to 30’s) Shy and has a bad stutter. He seems younger than his age. Dominated by his mother, one of Nurse Ratched’s close friends. Billy is voluntarily in the hospital.

  • SCANLON – (M, Patient ‐ 20’s to 60) Involuntarily committed to the hospital. He has fantasies of blowing things up. Uses foul language.

  • CHESWICK – (M, Patient ‐ 30 ‐ 60) Eager and quick to argue or fight. Aggressively defiant yet cringing. All talk, no action.

  • MARTINI – (M, Patient ‐ 25 to 60) A little Italian man who lives in a world of delusional hallucinations.

  • RUCKLY – (M, Patient ‐ 25 to 50) A Chronic patient. Was once curable, but was transformed into a Chronic due to a botched lobotomy. Uses foul language.

  • DR. SPIVEY – (M, Staff ‐ 40 to 70) The administrator and psychiatrist of the mental institution. He doubts that anything is wrong with McMurphy’s mind, but he defers to the opinion of Nurse Ratched.

  • AIDE TURKLE – (M, Staff ‐ 50s to 70’s) The nighttime orderly for Nurse Ratched’s ward. He is An elderly Tech / night watchman who smokes marijuana. McMurphy bribes him to help arrange the novel's final party.

  • CANDY STARR – (F, Other ‐ 21 to 40) A prostitute from Portland with a "heart of gold." She is physically attractive and passive, and relieves Billy Bibbit of his virginity. Will have kissing scenes.

  • SANDY GILFILLIAM ‐ (F, Other ‐ 30 ‐ 45) Candy's older and less‐physically attractive friend; comes with her to the party on the ward – (F, Other) A prostitute who comes with Candy to the late‐night party. Will have kissing scene.