September 21 to December 7; AUDITIONS SEPTEMBER 14 (Prepare a 1-minute Monologue)
Final Show filming date: Friday, December 11
rehearsals will take place MONDAY EVENINGS (Final time tbd upon casting)
If cast, participation fee is $75


(Character descriptions below)


Prepare a monologue and audition for ONE of the plays listed.  Please note, this is audition only, and there will not be any double casting.  However, if you have an interest in joining our team as an assistant director and/or stage manager please note that on your audition form.  Once cast, you will work toward a final performance while learning the essentials of acting, including but not limited to; the use of inflection and beats, character analysis and breakdown, staging under unique circumstances, dissecting a play, and scene work basics. This opportunity is for high school students looking to be challenged and hone their acting skills.  The final performance will be filmed. 

To sign up for an audition slot, please visit: SIGNUP GENIUS


Karen Nash: Forty-eight years old and fine with it. A pleasant and affable woman, Karen has allowed herself to look middle aged because she knows she is middle aged. She is witty, and down to earth. She is also secretly hoping the visit at the suite will bring her and her husband closer together. (It is their anniversary… she thinks) 

Sam Nash: Sam is Fifty years old but cannot come to terms with it. He is trim, incredibly neat and well-tailored. Sam needs to know he looks good… and that others know he looks good. He goes to great strides to keep the years at bay, with exercise and a meticulous diet. Sam is a workaholic, but not just because he likes to work. 

Jean Mc Cormack: Jean is Sam’s secretary and highly efficient. She is well groomed, attractive, and bright and cheerful at 28 years of age. She is also Sam’s mistress. 

Bellhop: Younger man, eager to please and will visit as long as he needs to get his tip. 

Jesse Kiplinger: A confident forty-year-old Hollywood producer who has made his success but still feels his life is missing the kind of relationship he had in his teens with Muriel. He has one purpose in seeing Muriel

Muriel Tate: In her late thirties, very attractive and still seems somewhat naïve. She is warm, and generous, and very impressed with Jesse. She is unsure of meeting with him, and yet can’t seem to make a decision to stay or go. She claims to be happily married... 

Norma Hubley: Dressed as mother of the bride and trying to appear calm in a crisis with everyone EXCEPT her husband. Married to a Type A personality, she sways from trying to keep him in calm and in control while passively and aggressively taking a stand for herself. 

Roy Hubley: The father of the bride with the bills to prove it. A competitive business man, out of his league when dealing with emotions and marrying off his daughter.

Borden Eisler: The young confident groom, a man of few words. (Literally) 

Mimsey Hubley: A nervous bride, afraid of having her marriage turn out like her parents’ marriage.



George: A man who finds himself backstage under mysterious circumstances. He appears to be an accountant and seems to be the understudy of a man named Edwin, although he can't actually remember attending any rehearsals or being a part of the production. In Private Lives he plays Elyot. In Hamlet he plays Prince Hamlet. In Checkmate he plays Willie (who seems to be based on Nagg in Endgame). In A Man for All Seasons he plays Sir Thomas More.

Meg: The stage manager. A capable worker. When it becomes apparent that George does not know many of his lines, she pretends to be a maid in the production and whispers some to him. In the scene from A Man for all Seasons, she plays the part of Sir Thomas More's daughter and during the execution she bids him goodbye as "George".

Sarah:  A grand actress. In Private Lives, she plays Amanda. In Hamlet, she plays Queen Gertrude. In A Man for all Seasons, she plays Sir Thomas More's wife (she also quotes Hamlet in that scene, when trying to convince George to accept the execution and bids him goodbye as "Hamlet"). 

Ellen: Another actress, but not as grand as Sarah. For some reason, she calls George "Stanley" before the production. In Private Lives she plays Sybil. In Checkmate, her character is unnamed, but she appears to be a cross between Winnie (from Happy Days) and Nell (from Endgame). She remains in this character throughout the A Man for all Seasons scene and bids George goodbye as 

"Willie". Henry:  A grand actor. In Hamlet, he plays the part of Horatio. According to the script, Henry is also able to play the part of the executioner. If this is the case, he bids George goodbye as "Sir Thomas". 

The Executioner: He makes an appearance only in A Man for All Seasons. If it is desired, the part can be played by the same actor as Henry. He bids George goodbye as "Sir Thomas".

The Announcer:  A voice over the loudspeaker who announces the cast for the performances and instructs the audience not to use flash photography (a warning which is ignored). When Ellen's character hears the announcer in the Checkmate scene, she comments "Oh listen, Willie, a voice! Maybe there is a God!"

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