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Two and Two Together

Written by Peter Cosmas Sofronas


Tickets: $25

Show DATES: 

Friday, September 15th at 7:30

Saturday, September 16 at 7:30 *

**our Sunday performance has been canceled

*This performance will have a talkback/ Q&A with the playwright immediately following the performance



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Two and Two Together is the story of Tommy Hanson, a comic book artist with a security bear and a fixation on a certain man of steel. As the play opens, Tommy is reeling from the traumatic news about a childhood friend, something for which he blames himself, and his father. To further complicate matters, Tommy soon meets and is attracted to a mild-mannered stranger named David Sharpe, who happens to be dating Tommy’s sister Rachel. David’s entrance into Tommy’s life is the first step on the road to forgiveness, and to the acceptance that the past could not have been any different. 

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