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Entering GRADES k-3

Finding Nemo Jr

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NEW CLASS: July 15- July 19, 9:00-12:00
July 19th and July 20th 
performed at the Daly Theater
$225 for Participation
The Daly Theater @ THE SPACE, 56 Island Street, Lawrence

Acting Out is thrilled to be offering our annual summer SHINE program! The entire session and final performances will be at our Acting Out! space.


Our young stars will be immersed in the basics of musical theater as they learn music, dance, vocals, costumes, and set design! Students will enjoy theater games and creative projects all while rehearsing for FINDING NEMO! 

Our theater intensive is for all skill levels and will give every cast member a chance to shine! We focus on self-confidence, self-expression, commitment, and of course, FUN!  

Nemo: A curious young clownfish who brims with excitement to explore the wonders that lie beyond the Great Barrier Reef. 

Marlin: An anxious clownfish and Nemo’s overprotective father, who develops the courage to face the unpredictable ocean and the wisdom to trust others – including his own kid.

Dory: An optimistic and bubbly blue tang, experiences frequent short-term memory loss and finds herself wandering through the ocean with no place to call home.

Coral: A loving mother-to-be clownfish, married to Marlin, who will stop at nothing to protect her eggs.

Professor Ray: A stingray and Nemo’s enthusiastic teacher, takes pride in sharing the curiosities and marvels of the world with the class and encourages every student to be a brave explorer.

Bruce: An intimidating great white shark, is the sharks’ ringleader. Despite Bruce’s best efforts to adopt a vegetarian diet, he loses control and is sent into a frenzy, threatening to devour every fish in sight. 

Chum and Anchor: Two of Bruce’s shark friends, try to live vegetarian lifestyles but are eventually forced to restrain an out-of- control Bruce from eating innocent fish.

Fish "Friends": Forced to attend the sharks’ party but aren’t quite so convinced that their hosts will be satisfied with a kelp-only diet.

Bubbles: A yellow tang who is captivated by bubbles, is the first to welcome Nemo to the tank. 

Bloat:  An open-minded and supportive blowfish, is proud to be part of the Tank Gang family and helps keep everyone’s spirits up, even when things seem bleak.

Gurgle: Frightened of strangers and the germs they carry with them, is a royal gramma who enjoys the safety and regulated cleanliness of the tank.

Peach: A mature and down-to-earth starfish, offers guidance and reassurance to all those who need it.

Gill: A relentless and inspiring leader who will stop at nothing to return to the freedom of the ocean. This Moorish idol fish believes in the Tank Gang and concocts countless plans to bust them out of the aquarium

Nigel: A sharp-eyed pelican, Nigel is the Tank Gang’s feathered friend and only connection to the outside world.

Crush: a 150-year-old sea turtle who knows how to hang loose, teaches Marlin a thing or two about being a good parent.

Squirt: offspring of Crush, fearlessly twirls through turbulent waters of the ocean and enjoys trying out cool new moves in the high-speed EAC.

Sea Chorus: Creates the environment of the play and becomes the characters that Marlin and Dory interact with on their journey to Sydney. Roles include: Angelfish, Damselfish, Barracuda, Moonfish, Jellyfish, Sea Turtles, Grouper, Lobsters, Octopuses, Electric Eels, & Seahorses.

Scuba Mask Dancer: A performer responsible for floating the diver’s mask through the water whenever it appears onstage.

The Reef Kids: Nemo's classmates, include: Pearl, a friendly flapjack octopus, Sheldon, an H2O-intolerant seahorse with an appetite for trouble, and Tad, a self-admittedly obnoxious butterflyfish. 

The Reef Parents: Roles include: Sheldon’s Parent, Pearl’s Parent, and Tad’s Parent

Seagulls: Are a pesky group of birds who persistently try to snatch an unlucky VACATIONER’s snack on the boardwalk.


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