Class Advice 

2nd/3rd graders

If your child is in Second Grade, we recommend they stay in our Children’s Musical Theater Class, as that is going to suit their age best.


If your child is in Third grade and has little to no musical theater experience, starting them off in the Children Musical Theater class is not a bad idea. In this class, they will gain a broad overview of theater basics, learning a little bit about everything through an easy curriculum and a lot of fun games and activities.


Our Concert for YOU series is production driven, so while there is a lot of general teaching about theater basics, there are fewer games and more of a focus on the production. If your third-grader is looking to jump right into something more advance, they would be better suited for our Concert for YOU series.

5th Graders

You may notice that we broke down our 3-7 age group into two groups. We have noticed a difference in the level and maturity in many of our students starting at Fifth grade. By breaking into two groups, our instructors will be able to adjust the classes to better suit our student's needs, challenging them appropriately. Ultimately, as the classes increase in age, the responsibilities increase and the material may get more difficult. Please know that there is no wrong answer, and our staff will have plenty of one-on-one time with students, so no one is left to fall through the cracks!


If your Fifth grader is just getting into theater, is a little apprehensive about a challenge, or is typically surrounded by students younger than them, we recommend they stay in our 3-5th grade class.


If your Fifth grader has been with us for a while, has decent experience in theater, is looking to be challenged, and/or has friends a bit older than them, we recommend they join our 5-7th grade class.

8th Graders

If your child is in eighth grade, we offer the opportunity to join our 8-12 grade class. If perhaps your child is still new to the theater scene and is apprehensive about joining with high schoolers, they are welcome to join our 5-7 age group. However, our mean age tends to be those in their sophomore year of high school, so eighth-graders will not feel out of place and its a great opportunity to prepare for the feel of being in high school.