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Class Advice 

4th Graders

You may notice that for our 4th graders, there are now two options. For those totally new to theater or feeling hesitant about being in a class with older students, our 1-4th grade session would be a great opportunity. This class centers more on the very basics of theater and is custom for those ages specifically. For those in 4th grade who may be looking for the next step, joining our 4-8th grade class would be best. While this class can be more challenging, our instructors ensure everyone has a part that will allow for growth and overall fun!

8th Graders

You may notice that our 8th graders have a choice of two courses. Ultimately, as the classes increase in age, the responsibilities increase and the material may get more difficult. Please know that there is no wrong answer, and our staff will have plenty of time with your students, so no one is left to fall through the cracks!


If your 8th-grader is hoping to play a principal role and have more responsibility in a class of students younger than them, then staying in our 4-8th grade range would be best. This show will be shorter in length, allowing for more time overall to work on the performance. Your child may also choose this class if they have friends in this age group.


If your 8th-grader is looking to be alongside more advanced students and accepts the challenge of a full-length production in a short amount of time, then entering our 8-12th grade range would be best. In full disclosure, this may involve taking on an ensemble role, which will still be incredibly involved. 

Please talk to your student prior to making this decision to ensure that they understand what they are signing up for. 

16-19 year olds

For those who are 16-19 that would like to do both the grades 8-12 class and audition for Spring Awakening, we say go for it! There will be no scheduling conflicts between these two productions!

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