The Acting Out! Theater Co, Inc. has been bringing theater to the Merrimack Valley for the past 19 years. 

We offer a wide variety of programs and performances for children, teens, and adults! Working throughout Lawrence and the greater Merrimack Valley, we serve our community by providing theater programs within our own facility, instruction and direction within local schools, and workshops held at other local non-profits. We at Acting Out! pride ourselves in making no distinctions between paying and scholarship participants, as we understand and value the benefit of meeting individuals from different backgrounds. Acting Out! includes everyone, ensuring that theater opportunities are available to anyone regardless of their age, abilities, or financial situation. 

After All, "Acting Out! is What it's All About!"



20 years ago, we had no idea of the community we'd create, though honestly, it's the community who created us! To celebrate this milestone, we're filming a documentary looking back at our history and recognizing everyone involved over the years. In order to produce this film and hold a celebratory ceremony, we need YOUR help!


One Day in October!

Our Annual One-Acts festival! See some student-directed pieces, original one-acts, and even a one-act musical!

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Meet Our Matildas!

Meet the two incredible young ladies who will be playing Matilda THIS DECEMBER! Keep your eyes open for more updates and ticket information.