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Looking For Our Classes?

Hello Parents, Guardians, and Friends


As the COVID cases are climbing, we at Acting Out! are working on ways in which we can continue to run classes safely during Covid-19. You can expect to see class announcements for Winter 2021 by the end of January or early February. Thank you for your patience!


Why are We Waiting?

Knowing that the COVID-19 cases are rapidly rising after the holiday season, we would like to give several weeks for the spike to drop. We are also working on modifying our classes so that they can run efficiently and safely.


What to Expect?

In the Summer and Fall of 2020, we ran modified classes that accommodated the CDC’s guidelines without restricting our student’s learning experience. We have put a focus on quality learning experiences, pushing our students to try something new! You can expect to see small class sizes, strict mask protocols, and a filmed final performance.


Will There be a Show?

Yes, there will be a final showcase of performances. We will be offering something for those interested in musical theater and straight acting. However, we will not be licensing and performing full productions as COVID-19 limits our ability to do so.


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