Virtual Wellness Groups

The pandemic has left us all with new stressors and challenges to overcome. We have noticed a need specifically with our student population to have an outlet and place where they can connect to others. For this reason, we will begin running virtual wellness groups for teens in 8-12 grade.

Wellness groups are NOT therapy groups, but instead, focus on connecting with one another and caring for one’s self. What is unique about our wellness groups is that they will use the arts as a tool to achieve these goals! While we love theater for the entertainment and feelings we get on stage, there is an innate truth that ART IS HEALING! Each week, there will be time to connect with one another and engage with the arts (visual, music, theater, movement, writing, etc) as a tool for healing and caring for one’s self.

And best of all, these groups will be completely free! We want this to be an opportunity that everyone has equal access to.

If interested at all, fill out the form below and Mollie will email you with more details and a zoom link. This group will meet weekly on Zoom, but there is no pressure to attend every week! Come whoever and whenever!

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