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PUFFS (Two Act Version)


Audition: Monday, September 18 6:30 THE SPACE

Callbacks Tuesday, September 19 6:30 THE STUDIO 250 Canal

REHEARSALS Tuesdays THE STUDIO 250 Canal 6:30-9:00 pm
SHOW DATES: January 19, 20, 21 (Total 4 shows)

Director: Jeremy Marquez
Assistant Director: L
inda Schoonmaker
Stage Manager: Robyn Buckley

Audition Requirements:

Everyone ages 18+ is welcome to audition 
Be prepared to do cold readings from the script and perform some improv. 


Calling all Witches, Wizards and Mugborns,

Are you familiar with a story about the boy wizard who lives? Care to be a part of another point of view of that story? Maybe learn about a group of witches and wizards who were there through it all and have their own story to tell? This story is told through the eyes of the Puffs, a sometimes forgotten group of students at this very famous magic school. 

Supporting your house is encouraged but not mandatory, just remember the houses are The Braves, The Smarts, Snakes, and The Puffs.
This is a fast-paced show looking for high-energy actors who love to have fun.

*Wands Optional but you’ll look very cool if you bring yours.

 Signed Headmaster,

 Jeremy Marquez



Wayne Hopkins; a nerdy wizard boy from New Mexico.

Oliver Rivers; a mathematician wizard from New Jersey.

Megan Jones; daughter of the infamous Xavia Jones who thinks she should be in the Snakes house.

Narrator; The one with all the heavy books.

Cedric; the lead Puff at the magic school.

Mr. Voldy; an evil and dark lord who wants to take over the school and kill Harry.

Mr. Potter; a famous student in the Brave house who kills magical beasts and constantly steals opportunities from the Puffs.

Susie Bones; a Puff who lives in fear of death, due to the fact that her entire family died.

J Finch Fletchley; a flamboyant and happy Puff.

Sally Perks; She goes to school here

Ernie Mac; a very confident and self-obsessed Puff.

Hannah; a shy Puff who gets made fun of by the other houses.

Leanne; a Puff who grew up as an only child and wants to be friends with everybody.

Lead Characters

Other Characters Characters

A Very Tall Man
Seamus Finnagan
A Certain Potions Teacher
Professor Turban
Ghost History Teach
Professor Locky
Mr. Nick
2nd Headmaster
Real Mr. Moody
1st Headmaster
Professor McG
Professor Sproutty
Xavia Jones
Professor Lanny
Runes Teach
Ms. Babble
Uncle Dave

A Fat Friar
Clumsy Longbottom
Hermione #3
Mr. Bagman
Zach Smith
Anthony Goldstein
Hermione #1
Blondo Malfoy
Rita Scooter
Hermione #2
Ric Gryff

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