Neverland Auditions

a short play consisting of monologues from the beloved characters in Peter Pan.  We’ll travel to Neverland and hear their stories, however they have grown tired, sarcastic, frustrated, and are NOT the same characters you remember! You’ll get a humorous ear full from the Croc, Tinkerbell, Wendy, Hook, Smee, Nibs, John, Michael, Nana The Dog, Seablue (a mermaid), Peter Pan, and a crazed travel agent named Lola that takes you on this adventure. We will be looking for some crazy actors to fill these roles.

Directed by Linda Schoonmaker

Audition Dates: 

Tuesday, Feb 9th, 6:30-8 pm 

Wednesday, Feb 10th, 6:30-8 pm

Performance Date: April 10th 

Intended to be a filmed production

Rehearsal Days: TBD



Once you have signed up for your audition slot, a list of audition monologues will be sent to your email. You should prepare at least one of those provided monolouges to read during your auditions


Ages 16 and Up.  

(Please note these are STAGE AGES)

Ages and Gender are flexible.

LOLA- Travel Agent 25-50 

CROC – 35-50 


WENDY – 20-up  

NIBS- 18-25 

HOOK- 40-up 

SMEE – 40-up  


PETER PAN- 25-40 

JOHN – 18-25 

MICHAEL- 16-20 

NANA THE DOG – 30-up