Our Covid pOLICY

After much deliberation and consideration, it’s time for us to pro-actively respond to the steeply climbing rate of COVID-19 infections, especially as we gear up to start our fall programming and productions! I realize that some of you are going to greet these new policy changes with open arms. Some may be more ambivalent. The fact remains that Acting Out! must address its COVID-19 policies to handle the pandemic in a way that we feel will provide the safest environment while protecting our business from future cancellations and closures down the road. It’s really that simple. This change comes down to the health of all that are part of our organization. 




Beginning September 1, 2021, Through October 31st ( Updates will be posted)


1. All Acting Out Instructors working with students will be masked and vaccinated.

2. All students, grades K-12, will require masks during class time.

3. Audience members will be asked to wear a mask during all productions.

4. Masks will be mandatory for rehearsals that include children.  Adult ONLY rehearsals will require masks for anyone not vaccinated.   

5. Actors 13 and over must be vaccinated and be tested within 72 hours before final public performances (this also applies to class productions). Any actors not vaccinated will require a mask during the performance. Proof of vaccination will be required