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Our Covid pOLICY

On March 15th, Acting Out! will lift our mask mandates for actors, students, and employees based on the changing regulations of the state and schools. Mandatory mask policies have been lifted in Massachusetts, and on March 3rd the city of Lawrence also removed its mask mandates.  We will continue to respect all those who wear their masks and adhere to parents/guardians' preferences for our students. 




1. All Acting Out Instructors/employees are vaccinated and boosted

2. All students, grades K-12, will require masks during class time if not vaccinated. 

3. Parental requests for masking their child will be adhered to.

4. Audience members are not required to wear masks, but it is recommended.

5. Cast members will be strongly encouraged to test prior to public performances. Any actors/students not vaccinated will require a mask during the performance. 

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