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Performers COMPANY



September 5th- November 7
Auditions: August 29th, 4:00-6:00

TUESDAYS 4:00-6:00
SHOW DAYS: November 9,10,11
$375 for Participation
The Daly Theater @ THE SPACE, 56 Island Street, Lawrence
**NO REFUNDS will be provided following casting

Added Rehearsals:
Monday, October 16, 5:00-7:00
Monday, October 23, 5:00-7:00
Monday, October 30, 5:00-7:00


Please note: this class is full, if you would like to be added to the waitlist, please email

Our students will focus on character work, acting through singing, and scene basics while putting on the productions of "13 THE MUSICAL" 

There will be a balanced emphasis on music, acting, and dance. This program nurtures rehearsal and performance principles, requiring commitment, teamwork, and collaboration within diverse creative processes. 

Our Auditions will be held prior to the start of our sessions. Please prepare 16 measures of a musical theater song of your choice. When choosing a song, consider the style of the show and the range of the character you are auditioning for. 

Due to the intensity of this course, commitment is very important to us. Students will be asked to sign an agreement stating their understanding of our commitment policy. At our audition, please provide a list of any KNOWN conflicts during our rehearsal period. Further, any student who misses three rehearsals (or the equivalent of six tardies) will lose one of their performances. Please keep this policy in mind PRIOR to signing up. 



A bright, nerdy boy who is excited to become a man. New in town and trying to find a place to fit in, he eventually becomes close with Patrice and Archie.


A shy, intelligent, bookworm. Archie's best friend and Evan's new friend.


The vain star quarterback. Leads a pack of popular boys, including Malcolm and Eddie.


A wannabe popular kid and one of Brett's sidekicks.


A wannabe popular kid and one of Brett's sidekicks.


The bubbly, popular, head cheerleader. Lucy's best friend and unknowing rival.


A good-humored, intelligent, unpopular kid. Patrice's best friend who has to use crutches.


A manipulative girl who secretly desires to have Kendra's boyfriend. Sneaky and feisty.


Rabbis; Kids

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