Performers' ShOWCASE

GRADES 1-4: High School Musical

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September 7th-October 26
SHOWS: October 28th & 29th

WEDNESDAY 4:00-5:30
$225 for Participation

The Daly Theater @ THE SPACE, 56 Island Street, Lawrence

Our students will focus on character work, acting through singing, and scene basics while putting on the productions of "High School Musical" 

There will be a balanced emphasis on music, acting, and dance. This program nurtures rehearsal and performance principles, requiring commitment, teamwork, and collaboration within diverse creative processes. 

**The first class will consist of an audition portion! No previous preparation is needed, as it will all be taught in class.  



Gabriella Montez : the new student who’s struggling to find her place at East High. She’s a Renaissance woman who doesn’t fully identify with any of the cliques, and so she’s taking her time – and realizing her confidence – along the way. 

Troy Bolton:  the most popular student at East High and the star of the basketball team who yearns to be more than what others – especially his dad, Coach Bolton – want him to be.

Sharpay Evans: the dramatic and self- centered star of the school musicals.

Ryan Evans: Sharpay’s fraternal twin and, like her, he lives to sing, dance, and get loads of attention.

Kelsi Nielsen: the neo-feminist writer- composer of the winter musical, Juliet and Romeo, who possesses a shy demeanor but no tolerance for the egocentric likes of Sharpay.

Chad Danforth: one of Troy’s best friends and s a sports fanatic. 

Zeke Baylor: Troy’s other best buddy; a basketball player with a sweet side.

Taylor McKessie: the very put-together president of the Science Club.

Ms. Darbus: East High’s eccentric drama teacher.

Coach Bolton: The stern basketball coach and Troy’s sometimes overbearing dad. 

Martha Cox: a proud member of the Science Club, possesses a private passion for break dancing.

The BRAINIACS: the smartest girls and boys in school


The THESPIANS are the drama lovers


The auditionees: CATHY, who belts like Ethel Merman, CYNDRA, the opera-lover, JAMES, who can’t sing on pitch and SUSAN, the wannabe pop star.


JACK SCOTT, the school announcer with a larger-than-life personality, 

DRUM MAJOR, who cheers on the Wildcats.


MS. TENNY, East High’s chemistry teacher.


MODERATOR, for the Science Decathlon 

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